Top 4 Factors to Consider before Booking a Hotel in Singapore

Singapore is a highly fascinating and beautiful holiday place, which is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an exotic vacation. It offers a vibrant blend of lifestyles and cultures. Most people who visit this small island for a holiday book hotels for their stay. Whether it’s just a weekend hotel stay in Singapore or more than that, there are some factors to consider before booking a hotel. Read on to find out what they are.

Purpose of visit

Your purpose of visit to Singapore is one of the major factors that help you decide the location of the hotel for your accommodation. For instance, if you are on a business trip, accessibility to the business districts of Singapore like Marina Bay and Raffles Place will be of high priority. Find hotels in the city fringe places like Chinatown and Bugis, which are connected well to the business districts through the MRT and public train.

Alternatively, if you’re on a vacation, consider staying in hotels situated around the popular Orchard Road shopping street. If you want to experience the culture, hotels in Peranakan Enclave or Little India are good choices.

Hotel amenities

Prepare a checklist of what amenities you’re looking for in a hotel by including your preferences like gym, spa, pool, Wi-Fi access, multi-cuisine restaurant and other such important facilities. Decide your priorities and based on the rates decide what would best suit your requirements.

Good reviews

The best way to get the insider view of a hotel is by reading online reviews from other travelers. Websites like Trip Advisor can help you get unbiased reviews from tourists who stayed in the specific hotels you are considering.

Value for money

Finally, it’s important to consider if the hotel you choose provides value for money. It’s a fact that price has a vital role when deciding which hotel to select. The key is to ensure that you don’t confuse price and value. Even though you are paying a little extra, that’s okay if you are getting all your must-have amenities for the price.

Assess these factors carefully before booking a weekend hotel stay in Singapore. At the end of the day, everyone has a different standard for minimum comfort, so know what your level of comfort is and ensure that the hotel offers all the basics you’re looking for.

Considering learning a new language in college? Try Korean

If you are considering learning a new language, you must try Korean. It is a popular Asian language that is spoken by around 80 million people across the world. Even though, the language sounds complicated and seems challenging to learn, it can be easily learned with the help of professional tutors.

Korea is a developing economy, offering lots of opportunities. And, if you are visiting Korea, you cannot rely on the English language for communicating. The knowledge of Korean is an absolute must for interacting with the native speakers. In fact, a good fluency in the language can help you in conducting better trade and business in the country.

Learning the language from a good Korean language school in Singapore will help you in the following ways:

1. Good language skills can help you in gaining better understanding of the culture and life of the Korean people. In fact, there are many Korean songs and shows that are a favorite amongst the public. Knowing the language can help you in enjoying these songs and shows, without having to rely on subtitles.

2. Improve your intellectual growth by learning Korean as a second language. A new language can always help in stimulating the mind and keeping the brain healthy and active.

3. Having a good command of the language can help in improving the business and interpersonal relationships. With a lot of multi-national companies having a base in Korea, knowing Korean can definitely make you a valuable asset to the company. This knowledge can help you in getting to the forefront.

4. Learning Korean can also help in giving you a better travel experience if you are travelling to Korea. Not knowing the native language can make you feel lost in a foreign land. But, if you know the language, you would be able to adapt yourself easily. Communication with the local business owners will give you a better experience.

5. It is always good to learn an additional foreign language. It will not only help you in understanding the foreign culture, but will also help you in aiding the native people when they travel to your country.

These were just some of the reasons for considering Korean as a new language in college. The Korean teacher will help you in making the right pronunciation, using the right vocabulary and grammar.

Other than the above-mentioned points, there are also various other benefits that one can derive from learning Korean. Check out the Korean language school in Singapore, where you would be able to learn the language and master it as well. At the end of the course, you would be able to speak Korean like a native.

Airport Pickups Without Any Hiccups

Travelling to and from the airport can be the most stressful part of any trip, be it for business or for pleasure. Melbourne’s international airport is at least 20 km away from the CBD. To make this part of travel more convenient, airport shuttle services are the best way to go. The ease and dependability of door to door shuttle services to Melbourne Airport from the city takes the stress out from the entire experience of a trip. You can also shuttle your way from the airport to many locations spread across the city.

There are many reasons to choose an airport shuttle service as your mode of transport to and from the airport.


Airport shuttle services provide timely, clean and comfortable transfers. Given that there are no adverse traffic conditions or unforeseen events, shuttles will usually get you to the airport within an hour of boarding. Shuttles move up and down at regular intervals, making them very time efficient for any traveller. Their schedules are relatively flexible, making them convenient as well as reliable.


The buses are driven by professionally trained drivers who take the utmost care to drive safely and abide by all traffic rules. Buses are serviced regularly to make sure that they comply with operation safety standards.

Environmentally friendly

Professional shuttle services maintain their fleet very well. So you can be sure that pollution levels of the buses are carefully monitored on a regular basis. Additionally, since shuttle services are shared by a number of people, the contribution to traffic and air pollution is also lessened.

Availability of Information

Shuttle services are able to provide information tailored to your needs. They will provide advice on the best time for you to leave your home or hotel in order to catch your flight comfortably. Similarly, they will provide you with timings to catch a shuttle out from the airport depending on what time you land.

Easy bookings

Bookings can be made over customer service lines or on the internet as most reputed door to door airport shuttle service operators have an online presence. Information is available on their websites and customer service lines are open for any specific queries. Shuttle services are also available for group bookings and private charters. This makes group tours very easy to plan and follow through. You can rely on the knowledge of the area of the professionally trained drivers to get you to any destination within the city and in the suburbs.